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Sun Burnt Mess X Glidz Japan

Sunburnt Mess X Glidz Japan 202 Backzip L/S Spring Suit

Sunburnt Mess X Glidz Japan 202 Backzip L/S Spring Suit

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FREEDOM ! Freedom of Choice Freedom of mind.(you get what you pay for) Designed to fit the body instead of stretching over it. Sunburnt Mess x Glidz Japan wetsuits are Hand made in Japan with a no-compromise approach. Our hand-crafted suits offering the most freedom of movement a wetsuit can offer. Which includes correct alignment of the neoprene for maximum stretch, when stretched correctly aligned there are no ripples or folds creating less possibility of rash.. Glidz Japan super light limestone base Fiber-Light™ premium neoprene is lighter and more flexible without losing any of it’s durability.


All stock wetsuits are individually 100% hand made in Japan.

Wetsuit Features:

● Freedom & Comfort

● CAD tailored design

● Back zip entry with cold water barrier, between skin and zip. The durable entry holds up to all body shapes.

● YKK zip with nylong pull cord 

● Super light limestone base Fiber-Light™ premium neoprene

● Traditional Japanese GBS pressure adhered double bound blind stitched seams.

● Stretch Tape on major stressed areas allowing for maximum strength and unrestricted stretch.

● Thickness 202mm 

● 1 year warranty

  • Sunburnt Mess embroidered logo patch on left peck


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