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Regulator Oxygen Resuscitation Kit

Regulator Oxygen Resuscitation Kit

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The REGULATOR emergency oxygen resuscitation kit is designed not just for use by medical professionals such as doctors and paramedics but also by appropriately trained first aid personnel in the workplace and community. This kit allows first-responders to administer oxygen during CPR while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. It is also designed to provide initial treatment for conscious patients during medical emergencies.

Please note medical oxygen and cylinder is NOT included in this kit and must be purchased separately. Contact us for enquiries.


Please allow a 5-day assembly lead time for this item.



AXR015 Oxygen Regulator 0.25-15LPM 1HP Outlet 1
AB1011 Laerdal The Bag II Resuscitator ADULT 1
OX003 Oxygen Therapy Mask & Tubing 2m ADULT 2
OX007 Oxygen Therapy Mask & Tubing 2m CHILD 2
AM01 AEROMASK CPR Face Mask (GST Free) 1
GAB1000 Airway Guedel #0 60mm Disposable 1
GAB1001 Airway Guedel #1 70mm Disposable 1
GAB1002 Airway Guedel #2 80mm Disposable 1
GAB1003 Airway Guedel #3 90mm Disposable 1
GAB1004 Airway Guedel #4 100mm Disposable 1
GAB1005 Airway Guedel #5 110mm Disposable
ABLR03 Red Large Red Emergency Backpack 1
CL001 Contents List 1

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MyMedEquip offers a central location for all your medical and first aid supplies. Whether you run a clinic, private ambulance service, or just coach football on weekends, you’ll find the consumables, professional resuscitation equipment or simply a sports first aid kit which suits your needs.
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