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Michael Saggus

Michael Saggus 6'2 Edge Board - 5240

Michael Saggus 6'2 Edge Board - 5240

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Michael Saggus shaped Greenough Edgeboard

6'2 x 20 1/2 x 2 3/4  

"A George Greenough design that can be adapted to most surfboards. Two surfboards in one: a narrow concave tow board with hard edges, nose to tail, is shaped underneath a displacement hull with full lifted rails. Works in all conditions even chop and wind. Excels as the power comes on. Good from 5'6 to 12’. Stubbies to guns. Pure genius. Thanks George."  - Marc Andreini

Features Seafoam coloured airbrush on the bottom

Single Fin box - Fin not included (True Ames 8.5" Greenough Power Blade recommended)

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