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Mctavish 5'9 Super Stock Short

Mctavish 5'9 Super Stock Short

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A combo of our favourite shortboard models rolled into one. We borrowed the modern hifi bottom shape from the Slip; single-to-double concave and vee out the tail, with a forgiving chine bottom rail which helps the wide nose feel narrower and accelerate under front foot motivation. The twin pin setup, which has proven to be such a great combo in the El Rayo, provides the reliability and hold of a pin with the looseness of a twin when you want it. With a fuller outline, a slight cut-away into a flyer to keep the rail- line straight between your feet, this board maximises that twinny speed and beak nose that stuffs volume under your chest, and gives it a very McTavish’ aesthetic. This board can easily be your performance board replacement in grovelly to overhead waves but still has the volume to just glide and take a more relaxed approach.

About Sunburnt Mess

The Pursuit of Surfboard Excellence. At Sunburnt Mess we are passionate about Surfboards and Surfing. From Single fins, Bonzers, Twin fins, Fish, Quads, Midlengths and Logs. We offer a vast array of Boards from an ever rotating cast of Local and International shapers. A selection of Fins from the best in the biz, plus a killer range of Wetsuits and Apparel.​Custom orders are our specialty, so if you want to get something a little different, we can make it happen.
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