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My Med Equip

Heavy Duty Retractable Id Reel

Heavy Duty Retractable Id Reel

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Attach your ID or access cards via a braded steel wire to your belt loop, work belt or backpack. When you need your badge or keys just pull them out, when your done let it go and the built-in tether retracts back into place until you need them again.

Diameter: 4 cm/1.57in
Weight: 38-50 grams
Length of rubber-coated steel wire rope:
68/65 cm/27in
This product is made of metal, with a diameter of 4cm, with a telescopic steel wire inside. The surface is electroplated (chrome). 

About My Med Equip

MyMedEquip offers a central location for all your medical and first aid supplies. Whether you run a clinic, private ambulance service, or just coach football on weekends, you’ll find the consumables, professional resuscitation equipment or simply a sports first aid kit which suits your needs.
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