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Ecoprene Spring Suit Avocado

Ecoprene Spring Suit Avocado

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A springsuit made from ecoprene, thats functional, stays on in the surf, and fits every body. Say less! 

We've chosen to make our springsuits from naturally sourced Japanese limestone known as yamamoto as its one of the most sustainable neoprene style fabrics in the market. Because it has more airbubbles than traditional petroleum based neoprene, this makes it 30% stretchier, warmer, lighter and softer. Because we want you to feel free and unstoppable in the water


  • Backzip wth long zip handle for ultimate comfort and ease
  • Yamamoto Super Stretch Limestone Ecoprene 
  • Super flattering bikini cut bottom (not too skimpy, not too full)
  • 2mm Ecoprene, the perfect 3 season springsuit

Brydie wears a 10 (image 1-4), Alex P wears a 6 (image 5), Alex C wears a 10 (image 6), Kara wears a 10 (image 7), Alex P wears a 6 (image 8)

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