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Informal Tea

Classic Black

Classic Black

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Humble yet sophisticated large leaf tea picked deep within the mountainous Fengqing region of Yunnan in South West China.

The Yunnan Province is regarded to be the birthplace of tea, with Fengqing said to be home to the world's oldest cultivated tea tree, some 3,200 years old. That's really old.

The legacy is ancient, and to this day the tea is still grown in natural, bio-diverse tea gardens. The result is a super smooth, sweet and easy drinking.

And with up to 4 infusions, Classic Black is your trusty every day drinking tea, it'll never let you down and guaranteed to delight even the pickiest tea connoisseur (and lets admit it, we all fall into that category!).

organic black tea

 biodiverse tea gardens

Brew Guide:

Use 1-2 teaspoons/cup of water at 90˚c. Steep for 1-2 minutes for the 1st infusion, continually adding 1 minute for each successive infusion (up to 3-4 infusions)

Product Origins:

Fengqing Mountains, Yunnan Province — China

About Informal Tea

The very best organic artisan Green and Black loose leaf teas hand blended with with real herbs, flowers and berries — no added flavors, only the good stuff. Make Art - Make Love - Make Tea
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