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Christenson Op4 - Custom Order

Christenson Op4 - Custom Order

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The Christenson Surfboards OP4 is the most high-performance shape of the Ocean Pro Series. Chris created this board as a semi-step up for good, hollow waves. The design is purposed to fit between the OP3/Gerr (all-round good wave board) and the Carrera (step-up). The round tail provides hold in steeper and more powerful waves, with the quad option added for added speed. The OP4 has the lowest rail of the OP Series and features the most aggressive rocker.

Best to ride this board 1-2 inches longer than your standard board or height

This is a custom order product, extras like colour rail sprays, resin tints etc are not included in the price but can be added before your order is started. Contact us at for more information. 

Custom order timeframe  - 8 - 10 weeks

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