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Christenson 5'8 Op1 - 798017

Christenson 5'8 Op1 - 798017

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5'8 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/2

29.19 Litres

Black rail spray, thruster setup, Futures boxes

The Christenson Surfboards OP 1 is the small wave performance shape of the Ocean Pro Series. The wider outline, lower rocker and fuller rail combine to generate forgiveness and speed to come alive in waves 1 to 3 foot. This also features a single to double concave to build speed and maintain release.

Ride this board 2-3 inches shorter than your height or shortboard.

About Sunburnt Mess

The Pursuit of Surfboard Excellence. At Sunburnt Mess we are passionate about Surfboards and Surfing. From Single fins, Bonzers, Twin fins, Fish, Quads, Midlengths and Logs. We offer a vast array of Boards from an ever rotating cast of Local and International shapers. A selection of Fins from the best in the biz, plus a killer range of Wetsuits and Apparel.​Custom orders are our specialty, so if you want to get something a little different, we can make it happen.
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