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Bundle - Tobogan Fiesta

Bundle - Tobogan Fiesta

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Creativity to a new level!

Fancy yourself a great builder? Why not take our Magbrix challenge to redesign HOW magnetics blocks are used? These bundles will challenge children to explore their critical thinking, balance, and visual expression by constructing and building up their ball run model.
A wide option of accessory shapes to explore and push the limits of imagination!
Choose your option of a vivid or pastel set to expand the scale of your designs.

This bundle includes the following items:

MAGBRIX® 98 Pcs Ball Run

MAGBLOX® 101 Pcs Set or MAGBLOX® 66 Pcs Light Colour Set

MAGBLOX® 24 Pcs Accessory Set

PRODUCT BONUS  12 Pcs Replacement Wooden balls

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About Magblox

Magblox is an educational learning resource that helps children uncover the dynamic power and potential of STEM subjects, making it a true and unique learning through play experience. 
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