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Bundle Pack - Master Builder

Bundle Pack - Master Builder

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Serious building - 263 pcs

If you have been following our story and social media, then you know we are all about BIG SCALE constructions! Determination and challenge to complete these builds, allows children to develop their critical thinking, patience, and perseverance.
This set comes with our full collection of the Magblox and Magbrix range, giving you a massive world of creative opportunities.
We have made this bundle the BEST VALUE for our PREMIUM magnetic tiles.
Are you ready for some mammoth fun?

This bundle includes the following items:

MAGBLOX® 101 Pcs Set

MAGBLOX® 66 Pcs Set

MAGBLOX® 24 Pcs Accessory Set

MAGBLOX®  6 Pcs Hexagon Pack

MAGBRIX® Small square 24 Pcs Pack

MAGBRIX®  Isosceles Triangle 12 Pcs Pack

MAGBRIX®  Right Angle Triangle 12 Pcs Pack

MAGBRIX®  Equilateral Triangle 12 Pcs Pack

MAGBRIX®  Big Square 6 Pcs Pack

Looking to add more educational material?

Please see info about the Activity Book here or the Challenge Cards here

For fun building ideas CLICK HERE

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