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Blue Crush Surf Hat

Blue Crush Surf Hat

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Blue Crush, for those of you that want to Plow without the print.
You want a plain Plow, you got it.
Here we have BLUE CRUSH, a light Ocean Teal / almost Aqua Surf Hat

This hat comes in XS, S, M & L 
We've got toddlers, kids, teens, men, women / adults covered
Refer to Size Guide

All Surf Hats come WITH the legionnaires, not separately. We want to provide you with all the tools to keep you sun safe every surf - you may choose to go with or without it at your own risk after purchase.


  • recycled nylon outer
  • wide brim bucket
  • firm front half brim
  • netted lining - reduces slipping
  • dual tightening mechanism
  • water escape panel
  • soft neoprene chin strap
  • optional: legionnaires flap

    Colour: Blue & Teal

    About Plow Surf Co

    My passion for sun safety has stemmed from a family history of skin cancer and a nursing background.

    Plow Surf Co. originated from a need to be protected from the sun in the surf, for everyone who needs more than just a plain old dad hat.

    Plow launched in December 2021, after a previous summer of searching for surf hats with personality and realising we had to do it ourselves!
    Obviously others had the same woes cause they’ve been a great success, so much so we’ve coming back for season two. 

    Keeping quality and sustainability at the forefront of design, our hats are made of Post Consumer Recycled Nylon outer, and we are constantly working towards sourcing more sustainable materials. We are most proud of the quality of our hats, and look forward to you plowing in them for years to come.

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