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Stainless Steel Seat Belt Cutter

Stainless Steel Seat Belt Cutter

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Be prepared for any emergency with our Stainless Steel Seat Belt Cutter. This compact and durable tool is designed to quickly and easily cut through seat belts, making it the perfect tool for paramedics, first responders, and other emergency personnel. It's made with stainless steel, making it rust-resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean. The cutter is small, lightweight and easy to carry, so you can have it on you at all times. Order now and be ready to handle any emergency situation with confidence.

This stainless steel utility tool comes with a safety button to deploy it's dovetail and serrated blades - the perfect accessory for first responders who may find themselves needing to free someone from a car wreck. 

This devices boasts a nylon non-slip handle and a retention clip so you can keep it securely on your person or first aid kit wherever you go.

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