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Salt Mine Himalayan Crystal Aromatherapy Oil Purification Diffuser Stone

Salt Mine Himalayan Crystal Aromatherapy Oil Purification Diffuser Stone

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This Salt Mine Crystal Oil Diffuser Stone offers a unique way to diffuse essential oils with a beautiful and stylish Himalyan Salt Crystal. This natural diffuser not only looks elegant on any shelf or countertop, it disperses essential oil molecules into the air quickly and effectively.

You only need a few drops of Fragrance oil with this Himalayan Diffuser. No more endlessly filling up your old diffuser with water! The Stones absorb the oil from the heated light on the base and keeps the scent longer and with no mess!

Himalayan Pink Salt is actually Pink Halite. It carries a soft and tender energy of love, one that brings healing to the physical heart and heart chakra. Pink Halite dissolves the wounds of past heartbreak and trauma inspiring the will to forgive self and others, opening one to love deeply again. It renews our spiritual connection, brings grounding, dissolving confusion. It instills peace and calm and brings balance to mind and emotions. Pink Halite purifies the physical body and energy bodies, releasing negativity and dense energies and then imbues the aura with its beautiful frequency of love, creating a protective barrier that repels unwanted and harmful energies.

  • For crystal fanatics, The natural crystals come in all different shapes, sizes and hues. Let the healing properties of crystalsd and the aroma of scented oils, amplify the healing energies from crystal stones and boost your energy by the scents, detoxifying your body.
  • Aromatherapy is a process of focusing on the breath, naturally a meditation exercise, it’s an art of living in the present, and crystal stones can even bring this process to a further level.

Mt. Fuji Shaped Light of Aroma Essential Oil Diffusing Stone

Any fragrance oil can be used.

Our purpose at BBPD is to offer products to our customers that are unique, sutainable and connected. We strive to ensure the majority of our products are natural and sustainble in design. Our commitment is to reduce waste and such we use limited or no plastic in all our products. For our Crystal Diffusers, a USB connector is provided which allows for you to universally connect it to any usb plug.

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