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Fbs X David Bromley - Jumper - White

Fbs X David Bromley - Jumper - White

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fallenBROKENstreet x BROMLEY 

Join us on the journey into the wonderful mind of Australia's most loved Artist, "David Bromley" his artistic style is cheerful colourful and wonderful, each painting transforms his brushstrokes into a show of fun, happiness n adventures....

together here we have designed a UNISEX knitted jumper that we hope you all love XO

100% Cotton - Unisex

S || M || L || XL || XXXL

Size Guide

S  42 cm across back shoulders 61 cm down back

M 44 cm across back shoulders 64 cm down back

L  48 cm across back shoulders 68 cm down back

XL 50 cm across back shoulders 70 cm down back

XXL 54cm across back shoulders 74 cm down back

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