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Dried Lemon Slices

Dried Lemon Slices

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Discover the vibrant zest of our dehydrated lemon slices, a simple yet sophisticated addition to any drink or dish. Infuse a bright citrus flavour into hot water, tea, or homemade lemonade, transforming them into refreshing beverages, which serve as a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. Consider them a fantastic way to dehydrate citrus in the oven without losing their vibrant flavours.

Take your favourite cocktail to the next level by adding our dried citrus slices as a garnish, effortlessly introducing a tangy twist. These dehydrated lemons not only enhance the taste but also make for a visually appealing cocktail garnish.

Don't just stop at beverages! Elevate your culinary creations by introducing these citrus slices to your kitchen adventures. Whether it's topping your favourite desserts, complementing your pasta, or embellishing a roasted chicken or fish dish, these dried lemon slices make any dish look like it's straight from a gourmet kitchen.

Ingredient: 100% Australia Lemons

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