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Dried Blood Orange Slices

Dried Blood Orange Slices

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Exuding sophistication and instant chic, our Dried Blood Orange Slices are a vibrant and exotic addition to your culinary creations. With their exquisite crimson hue, these slices are the perfect enhancement for cakes, tarts, and even cocktails, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Handcrafted in small, carefully curated batches, our slices are air-dried gently and slowly at low temperatures to maintain their vibrant colour and taste. Crafted from 100% Australian blood oranges, these gourmet slices infuse your desserts and drinks with a unique and authentic flavour.

But their use goes beyond just desserts. These dried slices are also a game-changer for cocktails. Add them to your favourite drink, and they will slowly infuse it with their concentrated flavour, adding an extra layer of complexity and a beautiful visual element.

Whether encased in a transparent jar or wrapped in elegant packaging, these dried slices make ideal holiday gifts for family and friends. Experience the freshness and quality of these locally sourced, perfectly dried blood orange slices, the ideal complement to any dessert, cocktail, or gift.

Ingredient: 100% Australia Blood Oranges

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