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Banana Joe

Banana Chips Sea Salt

Banana Chips Sea Salt

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Banana Joe Banana Chips with Sea Salt are super thin and crispy, just like a potato chip. A delicious gourmet snack: Sea Salt flavoured banana chips made with the Gros Michel banana variety, which is sweeter, creamier and more flavourful than any other variety.

Banana Joe chips is a Great Taste award winner. The perfect on-the-go healthy snack for kids and adults. Excellent on its own or for baking, as toppings or in smoothies. Great to have in your bag, on your office desk or in your kid's lunch box. 

  • Up to 3 Bananas per pack
  • No Sugar added: Green bananas are used, which have lower sugar content and higher prebiotic fibers.
  • Daily fresh bananas from small, family owned farms around Thailand which are hand-cooked on the same day for extra freshness.
  • Packed with natural Probiotics and Prebiotics: probiotics are good bacteria that provide numerous health benefits such as better digestion and gut health. Prebiotics are fibers that nourish these good bacteria. Banana Joe's chips provide numerous health benefits such as supporting digestive health, supporting immune function and enhancing protein utilisation.
  • Bananas cooked gently to allow the flavours to remain intact, using a healthy cooking oil: rice bran oil.
  • Vegan and Gluten Free
  • Non GMO - Dairy Free - Nuts Free
  • Produced in Thailand


Banana (70%), Rice Bran Oil, Sea Salt (0.8%), Inulin, Probiotic (Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086).

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